Doctor Deathray

Nowhere's Number One Troubadour

Work with Doctor Deathray

Doctor Deathray is Violet Hunter, a skilled musician and audio engineer. She spent her formative years growing up in the music scenes of rural Virginia and suburban Atlanta before getting her education in Entertainment Industry Tech and Theatre in The Shoals area of Alabama. In Muscle Shoals she trained under and with Grammy winning engineers and musicians.

Violet has recorded and mixed for bands and artists ranging from soul to punk and everything in between. You can reach out to work with her here, and listed below are a few favorite songs she has worked on.



The first single from my album, 51 Miles From Nowhere, I worked in conjunction with producer Ryan Stoyer to mix and master this track. Featuring heavy guitars and bombastic drums, this is a stand out track from that album.



Featuring heavy use of samples, automation, and many layers, Bush is a remarkable piece by a wonderful musician. Connor Dylan doesn’t put out enough material, and I’m happy to facilitate where I can. Mixed and mastered by me, this multi-dimensional, layered song is fill with texture.



This is a hard-hitting song from my favorite punks in Red Hot Empty. They were one of the first bands I directly worked with when I joined Analog Revolution, and I’m very proud to have mixed this record. This track of their first full-length album, Corridors, is one of my go-to favorites. We’ve done a very limited-edition run of Corridors on vinyl as well.



This track is from Analog Revolution’s “Put On a Show” series. These are always a blast to work as I get to mix front-of-house, track stems, then mix the 8 or so live tracks into a stripped-down but hi-fi live set. Hensleys are really killing the game in Atlanta right now, and they’re really wonderful to work with!

Ashton Mabe


I worked heavily on recording this track and co-mixed this with a few colleagues. I spent a decade honing my craft in Muscle Shoals, and this song drips of the soulful energy you’ll find there. I worked with session musicians with decades of experience to harken back to a classic sound.



Tracked on a four-track cassette recorder in a basement theatre, Rabbit Foot Venture’s “Indian Mounds” is bluesy-Americana meets just a bit of the paranormal. Recorded, mixed, and co-produced by me.

Salt & LIGHT


Once again playing with the swampy, soulful Muscle Shoals sound, Salt & Light were a Christian group covering Percy Sledge’s “Sunday Brother.” I acted as producer in the studio working with engineer Jamie Sego, and mixed the track later for release while also laying down some guitar and organ work.


Deer Scare

Another track from Analog Revolution’s “Put On A Show” series, Pharmacy’s “Deer Scare” is a driving, absurdist track. This one was a particular challenge as there were only 7 total tracks to work with, but the mix captures the essence of their live show.